Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More than one way to skin a rabbit..

Or bag a new DXCC, one of the many that I have never heard, but have wanted to work.

I am talking about Paraguay, now Brazil and Argentina I hear quite a lot, especially now that 10m is opening up, also Chile and Venezuela, Paraguay however I have never heard, so when I chanced upon ZP5DBC at 5/7 with QSB on 10, well it has to be worth a shout.

After a few calls and getting nowhere, I heard my pal, G0VQY get through on his second call, I was even more determined to get through, I wont however shout and shout, instead timing single and full calls when he called QRZ, still no luck though.

Sometimes you just now it's not going to happen, so I decided that maybe the data modes would offer an opportunity, so down to 28120 and PSK31, I think it was fate as the cursor on the waterfall was exactly on the trace of ZP8AE, he was a little outside the AF passband at 2700 Hz, so I adjusted the vfo up 1 Khz to bring him in at 1700 Hz.

Of course it wasn't easy, it took 5 calls, with him calling back other stations, and finally I saw him call M0PCZ !

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  1. Hi Paul. it's a nice one. you are a lucky guy! 73 Paul