Thursday, 31 March 2011

Much on telly tonight ?

I have been trying some television broadcast today, well actually slow scan television on 15m, as that band has been open across the Atlantic most afternoons.

Here is the result of the only contact I managed, using the SSTV program that comes with DM780, which is part of Ham Radio Deluxe, this software is used also to control the CAT functions on the radio.

The first picture is a cheesy one of the Good lady, with myself trying to smile..

VE3RNG first transmission back to me.

I had the auto slant options enabled, but didn't quite sync properly, you can just see in the bottom left my transmission that he received.

This is by far my farthest SSTV transmission at 3650 miles, using 85 watts, into the ZS6BKW.


  1. Hi Paul, nice SSTV pictures. I did also a few SSTV transmissions on 20 meter. It's fun to do. 73 Paul

  2. Hello Paul, interesting. I did a lot of SSTV on 2m in the past. But haven't been much on HF with it. Only received a couple of pics on 20. DM780 is not that sensitive. I prefer chromaPIX or MMSSTV. 73, Bas