Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Further tests to the homebrew 2m band Moxon Rectangle..

It turns out that I do have an SWR meter suitable in a Zetagi meter that I bought for HF, I checked the specs, and it's good for up to 200 Mhz !

In the shack I use a colinear antenna for 2m, this is up in the loft, the shack being in the front upstairs box room, so I tuned around to find activity on the Plymouth 2m repeater, around 30 miles away, signals were coming in around an S5.

I plugged in the moxon and could receive the same signals around an S7, turning the antenna made a noticeable difference, as did turning it horizontal, it was fun making the signal come and go at will, having only ever used dipoles and verticals.

Upon checking the SWR, I got the following readings -

144000 - 1.6
145000 - 1.5
146000 - 1.9

This was with the antenna hanging vertically from the top of the shack door !

I did some extra checks and have concluded that the antenna has a bandwidth for a 2.0:1 SWR of about 5Mhz !

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  1. Paul,

    There is lots of activity on 2m SSB during the RSGB UK activity contests. This takes place on the first Tuesday of every month, so perhaps you could give it a try?
    Steve, M0BPQ