Tuesday, 26 April 2011

International Marconi Day/Royal Wedding.

A few of us from the Watcombe Radio Club here in Torquay are off to Dartmoor on Saturday to work the bands !

G(R)2DXU and myself, with the help of Martin, M0IME, Dave, G4OTU and Keith, M0PAW will be running two stations working on HF and 2m from around 1030 UTC through to around 1600 UTC.

With our new NoV callsigns we will be celebrating the Royal marriage and also International Marconi Day, we are having some special QSL cards for the event.

Look forward to hopefully speaking to some of my fellow blog friends on the bands !

QRZ.com page.

Our location for the day.


  1. Hi Paul,
    I would be interested to know what antennas you intend to use, sounds like a great fun day out. Enjoy...73 Mike 2e0pdl

  2. Hi Mike, for myself I will be using homebrew antenna's - for HF, a ZS6BKW in an inverted 'v' around 25', and for 2m, a Moxon Rectangle.

    Alan, G2DXU in the other car will be using monoband whips and a multi-band watson for HF, 5/8 vertical for 2m.

    Should be a good fun day out, hope to hear and work you Mike !

    73 Paul.

  3. Oh, forgot to add, Alan will also be using a 4 element yagi for 2m.

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