Thursday, 2 June 2011

Czech Army key.

Whilst I wait for the shiny iambic key to make it's way across the Atlantic, a search on the internet found this website -

The key was made in the early 1950's for the Czech armed forces, and I have to say, though this is as a complete novice, it feels like a very nice key, quite solid with a pleasant action.

A pal of mine, Ken, G3SDW has one, and he highly recommended this key to me, who am I to argue with someone who has been using CW since well...let's just say a long time !

The price of these keys are 20GBP including UK postage, I think that it a real bargain, I can only assume whoever is selling these has bought quite a job lot !

The key on my desk, note the CQ crib sheet !

Close up of the key.

Note the lettering, I think this translates as 'receive' as there is an arrow pointing upwards !


  1. Say, that looks like a very nice, solid key. I'm going to dig up my old WW2 RAF key and do a little sraight keying myself. 73 Dick

  2. There we go Paul don`t like to say but i told you so, lol but joking aside a great key ideal to start with and one little pointer, i see that you have got the key up a bit from were you sit,it would be good for you to have it on the lower level so as to operate it from above your wrist this way you will get on with it fine and be able to send good code.
    By the way thanks for being kind about my age lol lol.

  3. Hi Paul take a look at this i think that you will find it amusing and may help with your CW.
    It is from the USA and you will see that it shows the different way that they send over there, it is circa 1944.
    73 Ken

  4. Idiot forgot to give the link.