Sunday, 3 July 2011


Yes, it's coming on slowly, very.

I have downloaded a program that uses the Koch method, whereby you start by learning two letters at a speed of 12 WPM or greater, once you have gained an accuracy of  >90% over a 5 minute copy, you can add another letter, and so on.

So that's M and K sorted out then !

Nothing much else to blog at the moment, the bands have been very quiet this way, don't know how everyone else has been finding it ?


  1. Hi Paul, the Koch method has proven to be a good method. But there is a theory that you listen to morse code at 25 wpm, and listen to the letters and signs. I still learning morse code for bringing up my speed to 30 wpm. I listen at random to morse code at 30 wpm. In the beginning it's a mess, but after a while you can recognize the letters. One thing you must listen (learn) every day a half hour minimal. Good luck, 73 paul

  2. And yes, conditions are very poor the last few weeks. I dwell on 10 and 6 meters the last past weeks. There is some activity. 73 Paul

  3. Hi Paul
    No Pain no Gain as they say - keep pushing it, and I MEAN Push it! Then go back a day or so later and dig in - It does not hurt at all to listen to 20-25 wpm in short bursts as once the code is learned you WILL recognize certain characters (Even Words) and slowly but very surely will move up to the next rung where you might stay for ages, then you'll move up again - it's a slow process but worth it.

    Dig in ! 73' Peter

  4. Try my program Morse Machine, Paul. See how you get on with that.

  5. One thing that helped me and you can use it were ever you are any time of day or night is to look around you and translate in your head what you read no matter what, its simple but effective.
    I used to do this when on my way up to |London on the tube to all the radio shops in and around Leicester Square
    It works Paul give it a try.

  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement, I am doing some practice every day, and I've heard as well that translating car plate numbers or paragraphs of text as you say Ken also helps.

    Thanks Julian for your link, looks like a really good development of the program I've been using.

    And Paul, I've found myself more on 10m and 6m as well, enjoying the sporadic 'e's.