Wednesday, 13 July 2011

RSGB issuing 'G' callsigns..

A candidate who had just passed his Advanced exam has discovered that the Ofcom licensing website will issue old, unused amateur radio callsigns, in his case a G6.

Paul 2E0EAN tried selecting various permutations of Advanced (Full) call from the Ofcom website as he recalled reading somewhere that they were running out of M0's and would start using up the gaps in the system. After several tries the system offered him the distinctive G6FAX which he immediately took.

The G6 call block was originally issued in the early 1980's. It is not known which other callsigns blocks are available from the Ofcom system but half of the G2 call sign block was never issued so may be available as well.

Very interesting, so is this a good or bad thing ?


  1. Turns out it was buggy software. Ofcom are revoking any issued licenses.

  2. Hi - Yes I have heard that as well.